Life Lessons #1

Starting Date: 29/11/2014

Location: The Hub Events, Alkminis 5, Athens

Ioannis_42, ‘Life Lessons 2014’: A 3 collection compilation

“Life lessons” is a compilation of all the works of “Ioannis_42” to date. It consists of pieces of 3 different ‘sub-collections’: 1)”Love Colors” 2) “Love Letters” 3)“Paramithi/Fairytale”.Ioannis_42, wants to express through his artwork a number of things such as, his messages, his beliefs, his atttitude to life, his dreams and his greatest fears. Most importantly the complete collection of his works is a metaphor of his vision to provoke ‘possitive change’ in the society in which he resides and on a larger scale in the world itself.

Today’s exposition aim is for Ioannis_42 to launch his artistic work and communicate with his crowd in order to get an original feedback on his work that will spark the continuation of his project. It is an event with the major goal to set the stage for what is to follow. Ioannis_42 aspires to actively promote and sell his work in order to raise funds and awareness for specific actions of NGOs that share the same goals as he does. The NGO Praksis operates the program ‘Stegi Plus (+)’. You can find out more about the program from the Praksis representatives that will be available during the duration of the show.


“Love Colors”

“Love colors” is the original collection created by Ioannis_42 and hence you will view many more pieces of work from the specific collection of paintings. “Love colors” is the verbalization of a feeling and a way of life that Ioannis_42 had from a very young age when he was using every inch of the walls and furniture of his childhood room to fill, with colors, shapes, letters and abstract creations. When his childhood room started to feel too small Ioannis_42 started discovering other mediums to express his need to communicate with the rest of the world. The mediums where various and until this day they keep increasing. In this exposition one can observe the particular relationship of Ioannis_42 with the canvas and mainly oil paints.

“Love Letters”

“Love Letters” is a collection that connectsIoannis_42 past and present. Drawing letters, manipulating them, giving them colors, shadows, depth and compiling them in a way to create messages was the first form of art that Ioannis_42 developed. The influences from ‘street art and ‘graffiti’ are still very visible in all the artistic work done by Ioannis_42. Lettering and the ‘Art of Writing’ is the sphere in which Ioannis_42 feels most comfortable.



“Paramithi” which stands for “Fairytail” in Greek, is the newest of series of the “Life Lessons” collections. “Paramithi” is an inspiration that comes from the realisation that the world is in reality a much different place than the one we believed as children or as main stream media are trying to present it. This realisation fuelded a new art initiative for Ioannis_42. With his artwork and the wider communication of them Ioannis_42 aims to reveal and highlight things that are not right with our society in particular and the world in general. The higher aim is to mobilise his fellow men and women to react, change the way they think, the way they act and most importantly to realise that everyone can be a smaller or greater factor for positive change!