Interaction is… When an art piece is being placed in its new home, away from the art studio and the exhibition venue, it gives a special energy to the place and it enhances its vibes. We redefine classic art and we love seeing you own it!


‘Destiny’ is the centerpiece of Ioannis’ 2nd Solo Art-Show ‘Life Lessons #2’. It is part of the ‘Love Letters’ collection and one of the artists favorite works with a special personal meaning for him. The artist believes in the power of Destiny and how, although it may not be the only force in play, it is a powerful one making the strangest and most farfetched things in life happen!

Surviving the Heat

This piece is part of the permanent decoration of one of the Urban Greens Restaurants in London. In particular in their Canary Wharf location.


‘WP’ which stands for Watch President, is a painting commissioned by one of the most active and up and coming jewelers in Athens. The painting is part of the wider ‘Love Letters’ collection and is situated in the ‘Stelios Jewels’ boutique in down-town Athens, in particular in Voukourestiou street a world renowned street for its high-end boutiques.